You know that moment when...

That moment when you forget to place a bid on an eBay auction you’ve been watching for 2 weeks.

That moment when you get outbid on something after you’ve placed your ‘last bid’ on an item and then keep bidding out of sheer stubbornness.

That moment when you have expensive cards that need a spot in a binder but you’re too lazy to find one at the moment so you just toss them into a pile on your desk.

That moment when you’re super amped about that amazing deal you just got on a super insane rare item but then you need to wait a month before it arrives.

That moment when you check the tracking info on something you’ve bought and you learn that it’s arriving a whole day before the estimated delivery time.

That moment when you realize that you’re the only person who thinks that you got a great deal on that super insane rare item (which you’re still waiting on).

That moment when you see a newly discovered misprint for the very first time only to learn over the course of the next three months that it’s very common.

That moment where you saved up for a long time to get that one thing you really wanted, only to have something equally, if not, more amazing come up for auction the very next day.

That moment when you place a bid on that equally, if not, more amazing item even though you know better as your hobby budget rolls over in its grave.

That moment where you learned that one thing you always believed to be true turned out to just be a myth which you may have partially contributed towards spreading…whoops ;)

That moment when you open a chase mythic or masterpiece and don't care because it's not a misprint.

That moment when you actually consider folding to a $1 bid increase.

That moment when the guy at your LGS keeps showing you all of these “miscut” cards even after you’ve already explained that it needs to show a 2nd card to be considered miscut, but saying so again would just be rude.

That moment when you look through your entire collection and just really enjoy it.