Happy 1st Birthday misprintedMTG.com!

Holy crap, has it already been an entire year?  Yes.  Yes it has.  One year ago today I released misprintedMTG.com to the masses (you guys).  The response has been incredible!  I thought it would be really cool to share some data in celebration of our first year:

In one year, over 15 THOUSAND unique visitors have checked out articles on misprintedMTG.com!

This is the number of sessions per month.  It's been growing over time, which means that we've been getting more popular!  Awesome!

People from each country highlighted blue have visited misprintedMTG.com!  That's 116 different countries!!!!!!

These are the top 10 countries that visit the site.  Not on the list?  Step up your game and visit more often!

The beginner's guide to misprints and rarities is more popular than the website's homepage!  There's also a typo in the URL which I've declined to fix since I don't want to mess with my analytics data!

It's been an awesome year and I look forward to making more content for you guys in the next year.  I'll keep releasing more episodes of Misprint Mailbrag and have a bunch of other videos in the works so be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel!  It's really been an honor to make even such a minuscule splash in the great ocean of the internet, and it wouldn't be possible without all of you.  Thank you to everyone who's helped me build the site, and thank you guys for deeming me worthy enough for you to take the time to read my words.  Happy Birthday misprintedMTG.com!