Rant: "Auction!"

Does anyone else get fairly annoyed when someone shares some really cool cards (or any cards for that matter) from their collection and they get bombarded with comments asking for auctions or to sell their cards? It just seems like really rude behavior to me. I'm talking about the posts that aren't ambiguous about the intent that it's a sharing post (sometimes they're even labeled NFS).

The major problem with this behavior is how much it dis-incentivizes collectors from sharing really cool things. I believe that the collector who made that awesome Japanese website, The House of Errors, stopped updating because they were tired of people bugging them to buy their cards.

“But Jason, If I didn’t ask if a card was for sale or not I would have never acquired such and such card!” Now, it's not like I've never inquired if a card from someone's collection was for sale or not, but I think it's really important HOW you ask. For starters, use whole fucking sentences. Don’t be a yappy dog. If there are other yappy dogs, don’t step right up and join the yapping. Instead say something like, “If you ever plan to sell this I would also be interested.” Just show a little bit of respect. Tell them how awesome you think the card is and thank them for sharing. Let them know that you appreciate their collection. It’ll go a long way towards making the community a healthier place and you may even end up with cards that you never expected to own.


Give me your thoughts. Have you ever been on the receiving end? Have you fallen into the rudeness trap and are now repenting your ways? Or maybe you disagree with me entirely? I’m really looking forward to talking about this more. Thanks for reading!