Welcome to the community showcase!  Here we show off the amazing misprints submitted to us by YOU, the community!  Each month we choose one submission to highlight!  If you'd like to submit a misprint to us, make sure you've got a nice high quality photograph or scan, and send us an email with "Community Showcase" as the subject.  Only one submission per person per month please! 

Note**  There's currently no way to attach an image to the email submission form (I'm working on it).  For now, just upload your misprint to one of the various image sharing websites and and include a link in your message.  Sorry for the inconvenience!  

Community Showcase: February, 2017:

Our community showcase winner for February comes from a collector friend of mine, Pi.  What you're looking at is a test print (if that wasn't obvious) that came directly from the desk of a WotC art director, back when Hasbro bought out Wizards.  What was being tested, is unknown, but these test prints are stupidly rare!  Thank you to everyone who submitted a card this month, and be sure to send in your submissions for April!

Past Showcase Winners: