Q: Is this a misprint?

If it doesn't look right then it probably is!  I cover the majority of types of misprints in my Beginners Guide to Misprints so be sure to read that.  There are too many variations of misprints to try and list everything (I might try one day) so if you have something not in the guide that doesn't mean that it isn't a misprint!

Q: How much is my misprint worth?

I'll do my best to appraise your misprint for you, but it's more important to me that I teach you how.  That's why I wrote a whole article to do just that.  Still lost?  Ok, fine.  I don't like doing this but here's a baseline to start from:

  • Crimps:  Usually $5 or less.
  • Miscuts: Usually $10 or less
  • Ink Errors:  To many types to include in a FAQ, but it all depends on severity.  Is it awesome?  No?  Then usually $5 or less.
  • Anything else:  Sorry, no forumula outside of research.

Cards & misprints that I get asked about all the time:

  • Graf Rats/Midnight Scavengers: Not even a misprint, read this WotC Article
  • Captains Claws w/ Goldnight Castigator Foil:  Check out the beginning of this video!
  • Fling w/ Toolcraft Exemplar foiling: Check out the beginning of this video!
  • Tormenting Voice w/ Drake Haven Foiling: Check out the beginning of this video!
  • Gaea's Touch w/ shifted text:  1 in 3 have this error.  They're super common.
  • Artist Proofs:  If you have a card with a blank, white back, it's most likely an Artist Proof.  AP's are given to MTG artists in limited quantities to sell or give away as promotions for their work.  There's a whole group on Facebook dedicated to AP's.  Go check it out!

Q: Where should I sell my misprint?

The Misprints and Rarities Facebook Group:  I've written a guide with all the information that you need to know about selling on Facebook! 

eBay:  Smaller audience than the FB group, but it is a dedicated marketplace which helps streamline the buying and selling process.

Q: Where can I buy misprints?

The Misprint and Rarities Facebook Group - Tons of cards get posted there daily, and usually most of them are for sale.

eBay -  Smaller audience than the FB group, but it is a dedicated marketplace which helps streamline the buying and selling process.

SCG - Some cards are overprice, some are actually really good deals.

Squirrel Stash:  An up and coming vendor that focus primarily on misprints and rarities.  He gets a good chunk of his inventory from the FB group and eBay so don't expect to get a deal of a lifetime.  Regardless of the higher prices he has a lot of fantastic items so check it out if you're looking for something specific.

ABU Games - They’ve got a misprint “section” if you look at the right hand side of their main page.  A lot of these cards have been listed for years and have not moved due to fairly high prices.

There are other plenty of places, but you’ll find the more involve yourself with the community the more you’ll learn.  The ones listed above should be a good start for you to build your collection!

Q: What are NFC's?

NFC stands for Non Factory Cut.  I wrote an article about them: Everything you need to know about NFC's

Q: How can I tell if a card is fake?

Check out this guide!